Covid-19 | Black Beard Sports | Puerto Rico



During this period of social concern and economic upheaval due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, we at Black Beard Sports in Vieques, Puerto Rico extend our deepest regard to our loyal customers, friends, and family. With the relatively sudden emergence of the virus and subsequent measures mandated to limit the spread of infection, non-essential businesses have been directed to temporarily cease operation. This temporary business closure has resulted in the cancellation of all dive and tour activities for the foreseeable future.


Many of our customers have taken advantage of our convenient online tour booking and payment option. It is important to understand that all tours that were booked and subsequently cancelled due to the present crisis, will be refunded. While we have been responding to many individual inquiries concerning status of tours and refunds, we hesitated to make an official statement until timelines and economic climate could be better understood.


While refunds are a certainty, it is difficult to promise a precise timeline. Alternatives such as rescheduling and substitutions for merchandise are certainly an option. We are preparing to extend full refunds.


Our website will be updated periodically with new information about the status of the island. 


We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Bryan and Gladys