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Bio Bay Tours


Visit the bio bay on a dark night prior to the new moon for one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have! Tours last approximately 2.5 hours from pickup to drop-off with a one hour kayak. Tandem Clear Bottom Kayaks, paddles, life vests, guides and water are included in the price. Transportation from one of two pickup locations is free (either our store in Isabel II near the ferry landing or in front of El Blok Hotel in Esperanza).

- We charge $70.00pp

-We have tandem Caribe Clear Bottom Kayaks

-Couples weight cannot exceed 400lb

-Minimum age for the tour is 5

-Maximum of 10 people per tour

-Please be advised, you will need to stay the night on the island in order to participate in our tour 

-Once the reservation is complete, you must provide 24 hour notice prior to the tour to Black Beard Sports in the event of a cancellation

Geography takes primary role in the success of this natural wonder. The very narrow inlet to the bay and shallow depth throughout promote the high salinity that the dinoflagellates (these are the micro-organisms that create the luminescence) need to prosper. Red mangroves thrive on the edges of the bay and release vitamin B12 that these organisms need. This bay has also been protected from development that could potentially produce light pollution that would take away from the brightness of the bay.

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